Evil Below is an innovative game inspired from games like Slender, Soma, Amnesia, and Resident Evil 7 that combines true first person horror with puzzle solving like never before…

While creating a new type of immersive horror game Evil Below innovates in a number of key areas.
Evil Below is a terrorific open world experience that will leave the players holding their breath. It’s the first horror/puzzle game of its kind that only we can deliver.


Lyto is a fast-paced adventure in which the player takes on various challenges and puzzles using fluid mechanics, our main ones being Push and Swing.


Pecaminosa is a Police Action RPG, based on a Film Noir concept with a Pixel Art aesthetic. As John Souza – a former detective succumbed to the pleasures of alcohol and flesh – you will explore the city and its unique environments, as well as fight ordinary thieves, chase smart criminals, and even some forces of… the occult.



Believing she found her prince charming , Maia is trapped into the control of an abusive and aggressive man named Shadow. As she confronts many of the domestic violence consequences Maia has to solve puzzles and avoid shadows. The problem is that the only way she can do it is using her enchanted umbrella, a gift from Shadow himself. Meet Maia’s story and hopefully, guide her away from Shadow.


Edutainment puzzle-platformer based on a Portuguese northern folklore. Collect, build, explore in the form of a Careto!
Careto is a single-player educatainment puzzle-platformer about a centuries-old Portuguese Carnival. Careto is a creature of a mysterious Carnival from a village in the north of Portugal. It celebrates the end of winter and the beginning of spring.


Detective Philadelphia is a first-person point-and-click game where you solve a mysterious murder case involving your best friend.


63 Little Pieces is an atmospheric block sliding puzzle game with a shooting mechanic, to destroy walls, in order to build a path to lead one or several blocks to the goal.
Slide, fire, destroy blocks, collect collectibles, hit switches and manage the other blocks movements. Will you be able to piece it back together?


Play as Nur as she explores new islands and meets new friends! Visit towns, buy cute clothes, fix up your home, help anyone you can along the way… Her journey is filled to the brim with adventure. Nur’s agility will be put to the test as she traverses tons of platforming challenges with physics-based obstacles that make the world feel more alive and juicy!


When Anne finds herself imprisoned in an endless virtual simulation, her only hope to escape becomes cooperating with the prison’s assistance drone to reach the server firewall and turn it off. In her quest, she is able to use the drones abilities to hack the simulation around her and also use cyber guns found within the server to fight enemy spyware.


No jogo controlamos Kevin Blacke durante a fase de divórcio com Abby Collins. Durante o jogo, Kevin está a passar por uma depressão e vai ser uma batalha com a sua própria mente, onde vai descobrir as causas do seu divórcio e ultrapassar obstáculos psicológicos.